Recommended age

from 8 years

Time requirment

1 hour

Where to find it

2. floor

The attentive visitor will notice the four-colored lighting of this exhibition. Blue symbolizes water, green earth, red fire and yellow wind. 

And what exhibits are illuminated? Among the water ones, the bubblarium certainly stands out, as well as a large working model of a water wheel that you can spin yourself. You will see lightning flying like a thunderstorm from Tesla’s transformer, which will even sing to you. When the earth is angry, it shakes, sometimes violently, and you have the unique opportunity to stand right at the epicenter without putting yourself in any danger. You can also experience a whirlwind. Another thing you probably don’t want to encounter in real life, but can here without any danger, is a fire tornado. But we have much more for you in the Elements exhibition...

The exhibition is located in iqlandia-logo-negative.svg

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