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Mission of IQLANDIA, o. p. s.

The mission of the public benefit society IQLANDIA is to popularize science and technology using the principles of informal education and the research approach, and to make science and research accessible to schools and the general public.

The aim of the company is to positively influence attitudes towards science and technology, increase interest in their study and promote the idea of a sustainable society.

Company Vision 2020-2025

  • determines the direction and trends of informal education in science and engineering in Czech science centers, is part of the network of world science centers,
  • educates generations to compete in the era of Industry 4.0, smart technologies and artificial intelligence,
  • popularizes the results of science and research across society,
  • makes informal education accessible to all, supports both the talented and the disadvantaged,
  • provides modern facilities for STEM education, develops and produces interactive didactic tools, 
  • creates methodological facilities for teachers of polytechnic subjects with an emphasis on the dynamically changing part of the school curriculum,
  • is a stable part of the education system with the support of the Ministry of Education.

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  • Photographs may be used exclusively for the promotion of the entities of IQLANDIA, o. p. s. provided that the source of the photograph is indicated, i.e.: © IQLANDIA, o. p. s.
  • Photographs are protected by Copyright Act No.121/2000 Coll. and their unauthorized use is illegal.
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