Už vím proč

Do they say you're too curious and you keep asking questions? How could you not? We understand!

Recommended age

0 – 8 years

Time requirement

1 hour

Where to find it

4th floor

The world is full of people, toys, animals, things and we want to talk about them! When? Now! We will help you understand the world around you and maybe they will be calling you brainy instead of curious!

Our latest exhibition on the 4th floor is calling for you to explore the laws of nature through research.

  • How does a thermal imaging camera work? How do you launch a catapult? 
  • Will you try lying on the Fakir's bed of nails? Or test which in trajectory a ball travels fastest?
  • You will learn about the Bernoulli blower, which works like an inverted vacuum cleaner.

The journey to the beehive with interactive elements is popular, as are the bee costumes. 

Už vím proč


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