Schopnosti a dovednosti

Nemusíš být génius, abys chápal matiku.

Recommended age

0 – 8 years

Time requirement

1 hour

Where to find it

3rd floor

Get to know yourself! What can you do, handle, accomplish?

Measure your running speed, perception, grip and other disciplines that will be useful in life! And when your muscles start to ache, scratch your noggin and ponder some puzzles. What's harder for you? Working with your body or working with your head?

  • How high can children jump, how fast can they run, how flexible are they, how much strength do they have in their grip or in their arms?
  • Do they have a sense of balance? Can they keep themselves and their friends up in the air for as long as possible on a double swing?  
  • Visit the wreck of the Titanic and learn about the changing fluid levels. 

They will experience all this and more with our interactive exhibits, designed for just this purpose.

Schopnosti a dovednosti


Heeeelp! Try moving around in the sinking Titanic and call for help using Morse code!

Find the exhibition atiQPARK

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