iQLANDIA or iQPARK. Where to go and why?

Do you have children of different ages and you don't know which center to choose? Let us help you decide which place is right for you. What is the difference between iQPARK and iQLANDIA?

How old are your kids and what do they enjoy? 8 years old is the notional boundary, but don't let this bind you.

The science centers are only about 100 meters apart - iQLANDIA in a separate building, iQPARK in the Babylon Center.

iQLANDIA is suitable for children aged 8 and over and all adults. The exhibits are more technical, the descriptions are more specialized, and the accompanying programs (workshops, science shows) explain phenomena that children have heard about at school.

iQPARK is geared more towards younger researchers between 3 and 8 years of age. The exhibits are mostly made of wood, the displays are less structured and so parents can easily see where their curious child is. The accompanying programs are tailored to younger children.

All-day interactive fun with children

Know what we think of when we say a day at iQLANDIA? The kind of day that takes care of itself and makes the whole family happy! There are 11 exhibitions, over 400 interactive exhibits and a planetarium with 4K resolution! Your ticket to the exhibitions also includes the popular science show and fun activities such as Tesla's Transformer, the Fire Tornado, a ride on the Mars Rover and a chat with Thespian the robot. Take advantage of cheaper ticket purchases online.

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Fun for the kids and a rest for their parents?

iQPARK is a unique, fun and educational center for the youngest researchers! On 4 floors you will find interactive exhibits that stimulate children's curiosity and imagination through play and experiments. The themed exhibits show children that even science can be fun!

Come and spend your time with us meaningfully! Even with the littlest children! iQPARK has just what you need.


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