Vodní svět a klamy

Is there anyone who doesn't like splashing around and making dams?

Recommended age

0 – 8  years

Time requirement

1 hour

Where to find it

1st floor

True paradise for all water lovers! 

Dive into the world of water and spin a whirlpool in a trough, build a dam, use a water pistol to turn propellers, or try your hand at navigating ships across water levels using a lock. After all, only moms mind a wet T-shirt! :) 

  • How come we have water coming out of the tap at home?
  • How do toilets work and what does it look like when we flush?
  • Can a stream of water keep a 120 kg ball of marble afloat?
  • How is water filtered and cleaned?
  • Why is it dangerous to bathe under a weir and how do we convert water energy into electricity?

Children will find out the answers to all these questions for themselves thanks to the interactive exhibits in our water world. But that's not all the first floor of iQPARK has to offer. Through the mirror maze, children will find their way to the space cylinder - an enormously entertaining illusion of a rotating footbridge.

Vodní svět


Nevertheless, we recommend saving the Water World for the end of your visit.

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